Informed & Agile - Test Driven Design with Jon Innes

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Do you find yourself sprinting without a clear direction? Pushing feature after feature out, only to wonder if your app or website is really getting better?

Jon Innes of UX Innovation discusses how to improve your sprints by incorporating UX/usability metrics that the whole team can use to measure progress on your agile journey as a product team.

In this practical webinar on-demand, you'll learn:

  • The basics of Scrum and Lean UX
  • Common mistakes to avoid when iterating towards MVPs
  • Advanced topics like design sprints, fake door testing and Net Promoter Scores
  • How to use these methods to collaborate with your marketing growth hackers

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About the webinar speaker

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Jon Innes

Jon Innes is founding principal of UX Innovation LLC, a product design consulting firm based in San Francisco. A veteran UX professional, and frequent speaker at UX and Agile conferences, he’s started UX teams at several Silicon Valley companies and currently helps companies large and small improve their products and processes. He is a certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master, and has been working with Agile/Lean teams for over a decade.