Formative Usability Testing in Agile: Piloting New Techniques at Autodesk

As more organizations adopt Agile development practices, usability practitioners need to ensure that products are still designed with users in mind. However, how do you fit usability testing into the short time frame of a typical sprint? 

View this recorded webinar with Eunice Chang, Sr. Principal User Researcher at Autodesk, and Olivia Williamson, Principal UX Designer at Autodesk, to learn about the new techniques of formative usability testing piloted by the AutoCAD UX group in their agile user-centered design process. 

This 60-min webinar covers: 

  • Introduction of Agile into the product’s development process
  • Structuring customer feedback processes to meet Agile objectives
  • Validating and refining sprint designs before implementation
  • Validating the minimum viable experience with “Customer Councils” on an ongoing basis
  • Takeaways and learning from the piloted initiatives 

View this Exclusive Webinar with UX Experts from Autodesk



Meet Your Speakers: 

Eunice Chang, Senior Principal User Researcher at Autodesk

Eunice has a doctoral degree in Psychology and over 6 years of professional experience in the technology industry. Her passion and expertise is in leading strategic customer research for professional web, mobile, and desktop products.  Currently, she works in the AutoCAD UX group as the lead researcher for the AutoCAD 360 web app.

Olivia Williamson, Principal User Experience Designer at Autodesk

Olivia has worked in user research and interaction design for several technology companies, ranging from large multinationals to small startups. Currently Olivia is focusing on strategy and designs for new AutoCAD features enabling project communications. She holds a MS degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.