The Internet is a top source for travel planning. In a study conducted from May to June 2013 by Google and Ipsos MediaCT, 87% reported the Internet as the typical source of inspiration for personal or leisure trips. Research has indicated that 88% of site traffic to travel sites comes from a personal computer.

To better understand consumer behavior while researching travel from a computer, UserZoom’s researchers created an Open Research Study* with the following goals:

  1. Determine what sites participants go to online and what sites they visit to obtain ideas and inspiration about travel
  2. Understand how participants research hotels online

* The Open Research tasks start participants on a blank webpage and instruct them to research a travel-related task.

In this open research study, you will discover:

✓ Interesting statistics on trip planning (like how far in advanced a trip is planned or what activities are performed during online trip planning)

✓ Key findings from the study

✓ Results from the tasks

✓ Key Takeaways