Live Webinar: How to Improve Your Company's UX Capabilities: Let Your Methods Drive Your Plan

Jeff Horvath, President & Founder of Balanced Experience

Over the years, Jeff has worked for private companies, run his own successful consulting business, and been a leader at one of the largest UX consulting organizations in the world. He's worked with clients large and small in a wide array of industries. He helps companies understand how to bring the fundamental best practices of User Experience (UX) to meet their unique business needs.

Jeff has worked independently advising clients as well as managed large teams that have helped global organizations with significant strategic efforts. He loves the challenge of helping clients get to whatever the next level is for them.

Meet Your Speaker: 

Every CEO knows that a strong focus on customers can be a competitive differentiator. Understanding how to create a user-centered culture that can realize this strategic goal is another matter however. Simply hiring more UX professionals or running more tests isn't enough.

Join Jeff Horvath, Ph.D., President of Balanced Experience, in this webinar to learn the key factors in creating a successful customer-centric culture.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • A methodology-driven approach to developing your organization's UX capabilities
  • The three levels of UX organizational change
  • How your methodology defines the other components of corporate UX capabilities
    • Processes

    • Roles & responsibilities

    • Staffing model

    • Change management

Who Should Attend: Anyone who is responsible for or involved in helping their organization develop a more mature and effective UX capability.  In particular, UX Directors, Managers, and others responsible for building these capabilities in a practical way that balances long-term strategic needs with the day-to-day demands of getting work done.


How to Improve Your Company's UX Capabilities: Let Your Methods
Drive Your Plan



Twitter Hashtag: #uzwebinar

When: Thursday, July 24th, 2014 at 11am PST