Join UserZoom's researchers in this webinar as they discuss a mobile banking competitive benchmark that includes Wells Fargo, Key Bank, U.S.A.A. and CIBC.


Mobile Banking Benchmark: Which Bank Provides the Best User Experience

When: Thursday, March 27th, 2014 at 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET

2013 was a big year for mobile banking due to the increased smart phone adoption and 2014 promises nothing less. Despite a great deal of mobile innovation and breadth of mobile banking functionality, usability still remains a challenge for many banks

To see the state of mobile banking usability, UserZoom’s researchers tested four large retail banks in greater depth. Join us in this webinar as we discuss a mobile banking competitive benchmark that includes Wells Fargo, Key Bank, U.S.A.A. and CIBC.

This was a task-based remote unmoderated usability study with 200 participants who were required to perform 3 simple tasks on their mobile phone.

In this 60-min webinar you will learn:

  • Which bank offers the best mobile
    user experience
  • Detailed results on likelihood to 
    recommend a bank’s website
  • How to design your own competitive
    benchmark study
  • Tips on conducting mobile studies

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Meet Your Speakers:

Ann Rochanayon, Sr. Director of CX/UX Research at UserZoom
Ann has over 13 years of experience conducting online studies, particularly in the area of unmoderated remote usability testing.  She’s led hundreds of studies in a range of industries including pharmaceutical, telecommunications, financial services, and technology, including mobile and international research.

Sneha Kanneganti, UX Researcher at UserZoom
At UserZooom, Sneha specializes in unmoderated remote usability testing. She also has extensive in-lab usability testing experience with various research methodologies, from in-depth interviews and task based studies to focus groups. Her background is in Information Science and Psychology and loves analyzing results and finding patterns in collective behavioral outcomes.

Catch a glimpse of a participant performing a banking benchmark task on their mobile device!