Mobile UX Research Methods and Tools

When it comes to conducting UX research and testing on websites, there are a lot of of methods and tools to choose from. However, when testing mobile websites and apps, there are fewer options. 

In this webinar, Nate Colker, UX Researcher at UserZoom, talks about different research methods and tools for testing mobile websites and apps. As a case study, Nate goes over a setup and results of a recent mobile benchmark study that we conducted using UserZoom's brand new Mobile Remote Usability Testing solution. 

This 60-minute session covers: 

  • Overview of the mobile UX research methods (in-lab, remote etc.)
  • Overview of the mobile testing tools that are available today
  • Demonstration of UserZoom's new mobile usability testing solution
  • Case Study: fashion industry mobile benchmark study 



Meet Your Speakers: 

Nate Colker, UX Researcher,
UserZoom, Inc.

Nathan has provided his expertise to help clients such as Google, Amazon, GE Healthcare, Zappos.com, Cisco + more, in advocating for the best user experience. Nathan has a background in Psychology and a Master's degree in HCI from Carnegie Mellon University.