How Prototyping Helps You Design A Better Product

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Do you ever feel like when it comes to product design, a lot gets lost in translation? Are you overwhelmed with trying to over communicate everything so that there’s no room for people to make assumptions about your intentions for how the product should work?

The key to keeping all your stakeholders engaged in the product design process is to not drown them in documentation. Instead, you need to move from tell to show as quickly as possible.

A prototype is a critical tool in the product design process. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to creating a prototype. There are so many prototyping tools — and even more opinions about how to prototype.

Watch this webinar on-demand with Sarah Doody, an NYC-based independent User Experience Designer, and learn about:

  • Why we must prototype
  • The prototyping process
  • Tips to prototype fast & furiously
  • How to use prototypes effectively in your product design process to improve clarity and collaboration with your team

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About the webinar speakers

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Sarah Doody - User Experience Designer and Product Strategist

Sarah Doody is a user experience designer and product strategist. She is passionate about working with early stage and established products - turning their vision into engaging customer experiences. She is a contributing author to UX Magazine. In addition, she enjoys teaching and co-developed a 12 week user experience curriculum for General Assembly, a campus for technology, design, and entrepreneurship. Sarah is also interested in Personal Metrics - how measured feedback can equip people with information that causes them to change their lifestyle and behavior. Every Friday Sarah publishes a popular UX newsletter, sign up:

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Kuldeep Kelkar - VP of UX Consulting & Professional Services, UserZoom

Kuldeep Kelkar has more than 15 years of UX research, design and engineering experience and joins UserZoom from TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), where he was Head of User Experience. Prior to that, he led UX Design and User Research at PayPal for nearly a decade. He also has led UX efforts at KLA-Tencor and Icon Medialab. Kuldeep is a renowned author and speaker, and he brings a BE in Industrial Engineering from Nagpur University and an Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction from the Industrial Engineering department at Clemson University.