Putting Yourself Where Your Users Are

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Let’s face it - recruiting for your UX research and usability testing can sometimes feel like an onerous task. It can seem like the users you want to recruit have suddenly vanished from the planet, that there are never enough of them or that you simply don’t have the time to find them.

The good news is that your target users do exist and they are out there - you might just not be looking in all the right places. In this sense you can think of recruiting as like speed dating – you have to put yourself in the same space they are, and be able to quickly assess if they’re a good match. Leah Kaufman of Lenovo is here to share her tips on how to find the people you want to recruit by being in the same places they are.

Watch our webinar and hear Leah discuss key concepts such as:

  • Defining who you want to see/talk to
  • Figuring out where/how to find these people and the best approach for recruiting them
  • Recruiting & scheduling
  • How to verify that they’re the right people for the study
  • Making the best use of their time while getting actionable insights

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About the webinar speakers

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Leah Kaufman - Senior UX Research Manager, Lenovo

Leah Kaufman's experience in UX research began at Microsoft in 1992, dipped into the dot.com frenzy of the early 2000's, paddled around design agency and consulting work and then in 2008, took a head first dive into eCommerce where she currently swims. Her work runs the gamut from enterprise software to children's toys, computer hardware, developer tools, apps, mobile phones, tablets, MS Surface, the websites of Getty Images, iStockphoto and as of 2015, managing UX research for Lenovo's global websites. Her two decades of UX research with a myriad of products and companies means a lot of tests, test methods, participants and a concurrent amount of recruiting. She says it helps to be a people person with an unlimited curiosity about what they do and why.

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Kuldeep Kelkar - VP of UX Consulting & Professional Services, UserZoom

Kuldeep Kelkar has more than 15 years of UX research, design and engineering experience and joins UserZoom from TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), where he was Head of User Experience. Prior to that, he led UX Design and User Research at PayPal for nearly a decade. He also has led UX efforts at KLA-Tencor and Icon Medialab. Kuldeep is a renowned author and speaker, and he brings a BE in Industrial Engineering from Nagpur University and an Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction from the Industrial Engineering department at Clemson University.