Best Practices on Recruiting Participants
for Remote User Testing

Recruiting the right participants is often the most difficult and challenging aspect of conducting research studies. A well-managed recruitment process can be pivotal to the success of achieving your research objectives. 

Join JonDelina (“JD”) Buckley, Manager of User Experience Research at Kelley Blue Book, and Aaron Rager, Client Development Manager at Research Now, to learn about some of the best practices on recruiting the right participants for remote unmoderated user testing.

In this 60-min webinar, you will learn about: 

  • Types of remote user research
  • Different methods of recruiting participants and their pros and cons
  • How to create a good screener
  • The process of working with a panel vendor
  • Best practices and tips for a successful recruitment process



Meet Your Speakers: 

JonDelina ("JD") Buckley, Manager of User Experience,
Kelley Blue Book

Over the last 4 years, JD has successfully introduced new tools/techniques for both quantitative and qualitative user research at Kelley Blue Book. A passionate advocate of collaborative design and data triangulation, JD and her team employ a combination of research methods (including page level analytics, remote, in-lab) across multiple platforms to inspire and inform design and product teams. The results have been engaging consumer experiences that satisfy or exceed business goals.

Aaron Rager, Client Development Sales Manager,
Research Now

Aaron’s professional experience encompasses a unique hybrid of consultative expertise with customer facing positions. As the Client Development Sales Manager for Research Now’s Corporate Division Aaron developed and created relationships with several Fortune 1000 clients including Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Bayer Healthcare, UBS, Kaiser Permanente, AeroMexico, Hertz, Macy’s, Visa, Honda, AARP, and many others.