Using Automated Testing Tools to Empower Your User Research

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Automated testing technology is advancing quickly. Useagility’s Chrys Sullivan shares best practices for using automated un-facilitated usability testing to get quick, efficient user input.

In this webinar on-demand, you'll learn:

  • Guidelines for when to use moderated vs. unmoderated testing
  • How to structure studies and set up tasks to get valid research results that achieve business objectives for testing
  • Tried-and-true tricks for avoiding the most common pitfalls of unmoderated testing
  • Advice for recruitment, screening and use of online panels
  • How to use automated testing with agile design and development sprints to accommodate tight timelines and satisfy usability needs

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About the webinar speaker

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Chrys Sullivan, Founder at Useagility

Chrys Sullivan is Founder at Kansas City-based UX firm, Useagility. Under her leadership, the company has ranked among KC’s fastest-growing companies. She and her team are elevating exposure of user-centered design as critical to success of digital products at established companies and innovative start-ups. Chrys is also an advocate for women in the technology workforce and a company culture that supports work-life balance.