Webinar: Reducing Product Failure While Boosting Conversion Rates

Peter Hughes

Peter Hughes helps his customers create successful web and mobile products while helping them avoid wasting resources on product features and concepts that fail to perform, and the accompanying stress that brings. To do this, Peter guides organizations in how to implement Ascest's FastTrack usability testing programs that include one-on-one and team coaching, workshops, and expert Q&A webinars. His usability testing system works with all kinds of software development methodologies and are well suited to Agile and Lean Startup teams. He is based in New York City.  

Speaker Spotlight

What would a 5% improvement in your website's conversion rates make to your bottom line? If you're not doing any regular usability testing then you're probably leaving at least that value on the table. Your website and apps need to be tested, readjusted and retested regularly to ensure they provide optimal returns. Developing empathy for the way your customers really see the world is a highly cost-effective way to dramatically increase your chances of achieving higher profits. 

In this practical webinar on-demand, you'll learn:
  • Four usability testing techniques you can use immediately
  • "5 Second" Test
  • Basic Usability Test (Task Testing) 
  • Content Test
  • Expert vs. Novice Test
  • An understanding of Ascest's Product Acquisition Model so you will know how to run the right type of test at the right time.