Amplifying Your Web Analytics with Voice of the Customer Studies


Web analytics tools are designed for viewing, measuring, and analyzing “what” is happening on a site (tracking user behavior, seeing where traffic is coming from, measuring goals like conversion rates and other behavioral metrics.) Getting insights into the "What" information on a site is a helpful and necessary first step, but without the "Why is this happening?" information you lack the key element for creating improvement hypotheses.

The big problem is that web analytics tools don't gather any information regarding the visitor: their intention, the context of use, or if their goals were accomplished or not.

In this eBook you will learn how to amplify your your web analytics tools by harnessing the power of Voice of the Customer (VoC) studies. Web Analytics tools give you behavioral data, while VoC studies provide you with user and experience data.

4 key concepts you'll take away from this ebook:

  • An understanding of why web analytics alone aren't enough
  • Detailed concepts involving web analytics segmentation and custom dimensions
  • A use case on integrating web analytics with VoC from the E-commerce industry (plus, examples of questions you'll be able to answer about your business by combining web analytics with VoC)
  • How to tactically integrate VoC studies into your web analytics tool or platform

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