When Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing is the Best Choice


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Unmoderated remote usability testing (URUT) has grown a lot in recent years and has become a choice of many UX professionals.

According to the UXPA Survey, the number of UX Professionals who use URUT has increased to 23%. It wasn’t even listed as a method to choose from just a few years ago.

However, many UX Professionals still try to understand how unmoderated remote testing compares to other, more traditional and widely used research methods such as Lab-based usability testing.

Read this ebook to understand the difference between the two methods and the value in adding URUT to your research methods toolkit. 

By reading this ebook, you will learn:

  • The value behind in-lab usability testing
  • The value behind unmoderated remote usability testing
  • When to use unmoderated remote usability testing for your research