3 Methods to Master Agile UX Testing

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In the rapid-fire world of Agile development, User Experience testing is one of the most pressing challenges UX practitioners face. Fear not - UserZoom is here to share 3 Methods to Master Agile UX Testing.

This 60-minute webinar on-demand will show you the three most important methods that will help you master Agile UX, practical tips for integrating UX testing into your Agile environment, common myths about Agile UX testing, and more.

Attend this webinar on-demand and discover:

  • THREE testing methodologies to help you master Agile UX
  • HOW UX integrates into the Agile environment
  • PRACTICAL tips for Agile UX testing you won't find anywhere else

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About the webinar speaker

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Ann Rochanayon, Senior Director of UX/CX Research at UserZoom

Ann has over 13 years of experience conducting online studies, particularly in the area of unmoderated remote usability testing. She’s led hundreds of studies in a range of industries including pharmaceutical, telecommunications, financial services, and technology, including mobile and international research.