UserZoom partnership helps to boost mobile app install rates across the globe

About this customer success story:

FlixMobility is a young mobility provider that has been changing the way millions of people travel in Europe since 2013 via its FlixBus brand. As a unique combination of tech-startup, e-commerce platform and transportation company, FlixBus quickly became Europe’s largest intercity bus network, helping over 100 million people reach their destinations.

The question for this specific UserZoom study was: Which app icon performs better and has the best connection with the brand goals? Aiming for a cleaner and more modern brand image, the Brand Team initiated a redesign of their FlixBus App Icon. A clear and recognizable icon was created and tested using surveys and click tests to understand the perception of users about the icon and the brand. Then A/B tests were performed in Google Play with a bigger sample size to confirm the best design was selected.

In this success story, discover how UserZoom enables Flixbus to:
  • Providing proof of value for UX research in the product development process
  • Access participants in previously inaccessible countries with participant sourcing
  • Speed up the UX research and design process, getting results in just 24 hours!

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