MoneySuperMarket leverages UserZoom alongside its MVT solution to combine qualitative and quantitative research at scale


About this case study

Louise Rowlands, Customer Research Manager at MoneySuperMarket, was tasked with finding a way to include meaningful user research within a potentially industry defining multi-variate testing project. The challenge?

MoneySuperMarket needed to combine qualitative and quantitative research, at scale.

"MVT shows you how users behaved, and where they clicked on the site, but it’s hard to understand the reasoning behind their behaviour– you don’t get the why behind the what.Therefore integrating UserZoom has proven invaluable for the extra depth of insight” - Louise Rowlands, Customer Research Manager

In this case study, you will learn about MoneySuperMarket's
  • Regulatory challenges in the energy sector, which were impacting on the customer experience
  • Combination of MVT with UserZoom to help prove their industry redefining hypothesis
  • Ability to now help over 11,000 extra customers a year save money

Read the full case study to learn more about how UserZoom is able to support MoneySuperMarket in producing standout experiences that are fueling the changing face of consumer choice in the energy sector.

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