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How leading brands align UX to strategic business KPIs

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UX, Product and Design leaders recognize that good experiences impact the bottom line, but are challenged with quantifying the performance of UX. While there are a handful of design metrics that businesses rely on, stakeholders need a way to measure the direct impact of UX on business-critical experiences.

Leaders in digital experience are paving the path to measuring UX, gaining stakeholder buy-in, and driving future strategy for improvement.

Join Michael Grieder, Lead Researcher at Adobe User Labs, as he uncovers his successful strategy.
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  • A high-level roadmap to UX measurement and proving its value
  • Successful tactics to gaining executive sponsorship
  • What business KPIs to link UX measurement to
  • Valuable results of implementing QXscore 


VP, UX Research Partner, UserZoom
Dana Bishop

Dana Bishop has over 20 years of experience in UX research, with a primary focus for the majority of that time on competitive research and benchmarking. Dana has worked with companies across all industries and sizes, helping deliver insights to improve the user experience across digital properties. Dana has authored a number of reports highlighting the latest trends, innovations, and changing consumer needs in the retail, financial services and insurance industries.

Lead UX Researcher, Adobe User Labs
Michael Grieder

Michael is an expert in the field of Usability & User Experience with over 10 years experience in the Software industry. Michael is dedicated to sharing his knowledge, and helping drive the industry forward; and is the Founder of the Basel (Switzerland) UX Meetups, and President of the Swiss UX Association (UX Schweiz). In his spare time, Michael is a Lego enthusiast, and is the proud owner of a Lego Museum in Basel!

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