UX measurement

2021 Executive agenda: How to thrive with UX measurement and digital success

In this period of accelerated digital adoption, businesses need to implement strategies that help them remain agile to consumer change, make confident decisions and investments while being fully prepared to adapt to an unpredictable market.

However, by investing in customers' digital experiences and using meaningful user experience metrics, businesses can make informed, data-driven decisions that increase the likelihood of product success.

In this executive summary, written by UserZoom's industry experts, we highlight the following business-critical strategies of optimizing and measuring your customers' digital experience:

  • Empower digital leadership teams to make customer-centric decisions, while reporting business-critical metrics back to executives

  • Measure user experience improvements accurately to prove business value and make data-driven product decisions

  • Invest in digital experience optimization throughout development, to decrease costs and mitigate the risk of an unsuccessful launch

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