Digital experience is evolving

Are you using the right metrics to make business-critical decisions?

On-Demand Workshop

Why measurement matters in 2021

Digital professionals overwhelmingly want to prove the value of UX to leadership, however, many fall short of effectively measuring performance - a trend experienced across companies no matter the size, or the team responsible for delivering user experience.

Knowing what to measure and when is a business-critical task.

In this workshop, we’ll uncover the measures that matter, equipping digital professionals with the confidence to make the right design and product decisions while giving leaders confidence in their investment.

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  • Why measurement is important
  • Different approaches to measurement
  • How to connect user experience metrics with business objectives 

If you want to decrease cost and risk - and create more profitable products - this workshop is a must-see. Don’t miss out!


Tyler Medina
Senior Manager of Design Research - Asurion

Tyler Medina has over 15 years of experience as a service designer and mixed methods researcher uncovering opportunities through problem space research and co-creation. Currently, Tyler leads a team of design researchers at Asurion while also helping foster a culture of learning across the organization.
Chris Stroud
Enterprise UX Specialist - UserZoom

Chris Stroud works every day with UserZoom clients to ensure measuring UX pays dividends. He’s a part-time hardcore rock climber, loves knitwear, gardening, and taking old wooden pallets and turning them into something usable. Allergic to horses.

Caroline Vize
Research Partner - UserZoom

Research professional with over 20 years experience in the Research industry, specializing in consumer insights and user experience research. Caroline works with UserZoom clients to ensure they can evaluate and measure their UX performance and leverage it within their organizations.

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