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Everything you need to know about getting executive buy-in for UX research

Here's an exclusive collection of resources tackling one of the top UX challenges!

We polled over 220 UX practitioners at the largest enterprises in the world about their top challenges for conducting UX research in 201949% said that getting executive buy-in for UX research was a significant challenge.

That’s a lot of people! Which is why we’ve put together a bundle of informative content to help you convince key executives and stakeholders about the importance of conducting UX research and usability testing.

This bundle contains all of the following resources:

Benchmarking 101 [ebook]
In this comprehensive ebook, we outline the differences between longitudinal and competitive benchmarking, and reveal the value of both. We also answer: What can you benchmark? When and how often should you benchmark? As well as giving you a step-by-step guide to conducting benchmarking.

How to be a great UX research leader: Engage your stakeholders [Article]
In this guide to becoming a great UX research leader, we’ll teach you how to deepen your understanding of users and data, and promote the value of user research throughout your organization.

How to get executive buy-in for Design Thinking [Article]
In this article, Sean Van Tyne, author of Easy to Use 2.0: User Experience Design in Agile Development for Enterprise Software, will walk you through the five stages of Design Thinking and the ROI metrics that can be collected, in order to get executive buy-in.

Telling the Full Story - Adding Qualitative Data To Executive Dashboards [Webinar on-demand]
Dr. Andrea Peer discusses how to include unstructured qualitative data into a structured quantitative spreadsheet in order to create truly impactful product scorecards and executive dashboards.

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