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Here's an exclusive collection of resources tackling the number one UX challenge!

We polled over 220 UX practitioners at the largest enterprises in the world about their top challenges for conducting UX research in 2019. The number one challenge? 64% said that it was including UX research and testing within the product development process.

That’s a lot of people! Which is why we've put together a bundle of informative content to help teams effectively integrate research into the product development lifecycle, as well as figure out how it can slot into Agile sprints, and there are also tips for democratizing UX research throughout your organization.

This bundle contains all of the following resources:

How to include user research in early product development [Article]
Involving research as early as possible is integral to the success of a product. But how can you get research into this early stage? We asked seven of the most respected and experienced senior research leaders for their recommendations on successfully integrating research with product development.

Democratizing UX: how to spread user research education and insights throughout your organization [Article]
As demand for UX insights continues to grow, UX practitioners old and new are facing a need to deepen their knowledge. But how do you spread user research education beyond the walls of your design team? What is the value of everyone having access to UX insights?

How To Run Research In Agile Sprints By Democratizing It Across Teams [ebook]
We’ll cover how embedding research into Agile Sprints isn’t difficult if you take the right approach. Overcome commonly perceived barriers to research and learn how to make Agile user research happen for you.

How to Run User Experience in Agile [On-demand webinar]
This on-demand webinar takes you through how some digital teams, like News UK (publisher of The Times and The Sun), have successfully adapted to embed testing within design sprints, reducing the risk of launching digital products with a poor UX.

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