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Everything you need to know about recruiting the ‘right’ test participants

Here's an exclusive collection of resources tackling one of the top UX challenges!

We polled over 220 UX practitioners at the largest enterprises in the world about their top challenges for conducting UX research in 2019. 50% said that sourcing the right participants was a significant challenge.

That’s a lot of people! Which is why we’ve put together a bundle of informative content to help you define, find, invite and better manage your participants for UX research and usability testing.

This bundle contains all of the following resources:

Participant Recruitment 101 [ebook]
Recruiting can be tough – trying to figure out how many participants you need, where to find them, and how to incentivize can be difficult challenges. So we've collected the most helpful tips, tricks and best practices into this ebook to help you better plan and execute on all of your recruiting needs.

Seven top challenges when recruiting participants for UX research (and how to avoid them) [Article]
Gaining real observations from the actual people who use your product can be more challenging than you assume. Here's how you can avoid the biggest pitfalls.

Which participant recruitment method should I use for user research? [Article]
A guide to the most common and effective methods for participant recruiting in user research, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Demystifying Sample Size [Webinar on-demand]
We answer the most common recruitment questions related to sample size, while helping you ascertain your own sample sizes for research based on various objectives.


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