Everything you need to know about securing resources and budget for UX research

Here's an exclusive collection of resources tackling one of the top UX challenges!

We polled over 220 UX practitioners at the largest enterprises in the world about their top challenges for conducting UX research in 2019. 49% said that securing resources or budget was a significant challenge.

That’s a lot of people! Which is why we’ve put together a bundle of informative content to help you get executive buy-in in order to ease the challenges of getting the budgets and resources you need.

This bundle contains all of the following resources:

  • 25 expert opinions on getting stakeholder buy-in for user research [Article]
    Sound advice from a panel of 25 UX experts who know a little something about talking to budget-holders and convincing them to invest in user experience.
  • Top tips for presenting user research results to stakeholders [Article]
    Condensing down weeks of hard work into a single presentation can be a daunting task, especially if the audience isn’t necessarily the most UX savvy. Follow these tips to make the most out of your time with stakeholders.
  • Benchmarking 101 [ebook]
    In this comprehensive ebook, we outline the differences between longitudinal and competitive benchmarking, and reveal the value of both. We also answer: What can you benchmark? When and how often should you benchmark? As well as giving you a step-by-step guide to conducting benchmarking.
  • Proving Value & Quantifying the Impact of UX Research through Benchmarking [Webinar on-demand]
    Hear from UserZoom's Senior Director of UX Research, Dana Bishop, in a webinar on-demand covering how quantifying the impact of UX research through benchmarking can help prove the value of research, tie user experience to business objectives and engage stakeholders.

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