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Everything you wanted to know about UX metrics

If you have any questions about how to measure and prove the value of UX, this content bundle is for you

Companies know they need to improve the user experience of their product, site, app or service, but this begs the question – how do you know that your UX improvements are actually moving the needle towards the best interests of the business?

The answer is UX metrics.

We’ve collected our top performing assets on UX metrics and KPIs into one bundle to give you an overview of what types of UX metrics there are, how and when to collect them, as well as how to make informed and impactful decisions on the metrics you gather.

In this content bundle you will get:

  • UserZoom’s most visited blog post, “What metrics and KPIs do the experts use to measure UX effectiveness?”
  • Our “Telling Your UX Metrics Story - The 21st Century Metrics Model” webinar on-demand
  • “UX Metrics: A Guide for Measuring User Experience” infographic

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