Demonstrate the value of UX to stakeholders

Convincing executives that UX is vital to the business is more important than ever as companies focus on budgets.

Unfortunately, many UX practitioners find it difficult to get executive buy-in because they haven’t been able to prove the value of UX to stakeholders in a meaningful way.

The reason? You’re not treating your executive as a user and understanding their pain points.

That’s why we have created this UX business case toolkit. Download this toolkit and learn how to build a business case that has been personalized for the executive you’re trying to convince.

This toolkit includes:

  • A step-by-step framework for developing your business case
  • Work spaces for notes and analysis
  • Tips on presenting your results

If you’re finding it difficult to change the heart sand minds of key stakeholders about UX, give this framework a try and see how you can benefit from a personalized business case.

Fill in the form and download the toolkit now!

Make Your Case