Talk Executive to Me: A guide to getting stakeholders to buy into UX

Now is the time to get serious about UX

UX is vital to creating products that your customers will love – which is more important than ever during a worldwide economic downturn where every customer counts. Yet some organizations still don’t view UX as a business imperative, and aren’t ramping up testing to stay on top of changing user needs and behaviors. Why?

For many, it’s because executives and key stakeholders haven’t been shown the true value UX brings to both the company and to them personally. They don’t understand how UX can deliver instant insight into changing consumer behavior, reduce product failure, raise customer loyalty, and affect the business KPIs that they themselves are measured against.

That’s the goal of this ebook: to give you the tools you need in order to craft customized projects that will get executives to understand the value of user research and usability testing..

In this ebook you’ll find:

  • How to discover what’s important to executives
  • Tips for presenting results in an impactful way
  • Ideas for keeping the UX momentum going
  • Real-world examples from UX practitioners who succeeded

If you’re struggling to get UX investment and have executives that don’t see the value it brings to them personally, this ebook is your secret weapon.

Drive an executive decision