How COVID-19 is changing the digital healthcare landscape

Healthcare needs are adapting and evolving in real-time; are you keeping up?

As the fight against COVID-19 ramps up, healthcare organizations must find ways to effectively adapt and build new digital capabilities. Unfortunately, keeping up with these new demands has proven to be challenging due to two things: the unprecedented pace and scale of the pandemic and a lack of well-defined digital strategy. 

This is why it’s crucial for healthcare companies to understand the current trends and best practices within the health industry in order to tackle the challenge of adapting to new digital priorities. 

We tapped UserZoom’s team of digital healthcare solutions experts to provide a detailed look into how healthcare organizations are using the right UX research to rapidly adapt—and continue to hit business goals—during this crisis-driven economy.

Download this ebook and learn more about:

  • Research topics to ensure you’re meeting new user needs
  • Digital strategies for the short-term and long-term
  • How to plan for success in a recession 

These are challenging times. However, it is also an opportunity for healthcare organizations to innovate and become leaders in the industry. 

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