UX Battle of the Week

Magento vs Shopify

Both companies put their best experience forward, but in the end, there can only be one emperor of ecommerce platforms.

About this UX Battle of the Week

UserZoom ran a quick competitive UX benchmark study between Magento and Shopify, two software companies that enable retailers to easily create an ecommerce platform, to see how users experienced navigational and core tasks, as well as how they rated their overall experience on these websites.

In this UX Battle of the Week, tune in to discover:

  • Which company outperformed the other in regards to a task-based usability study
  • Users’ pre and post-study brand perception, ease of use, and NPS
  • Screenshot click test and tree test results


Download the UX benchmark to learn more about how UserZoom is able to test competitive sites in order to learn best practices and identify areas for improvement.

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Here’s a quick sneak-peek at the UX Battle of the Week:


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