Qual + Quant: A mixed methods blueprint

Getting complete and actionable insights from your research

On-Demand Research Masterclass

Some questions can’t, or shouldn’t, be answered with qualitative or quantitative data alone. Mixed methods research combines the benefits of qualitative and quantitative methods to create a clearer understanding of the problem you’re investigating.

Watch Thomas Stokes and Leslie Carter, Ph.D. as they provide an overview on mixed methods UX research. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage qual + quant data
  • The advantages and drawbacks of a mix-method approach
  • How to properly integrate throughout the PDLC


Thomas Stokes
Lead UX Research Consultant at UserZoom
Thomas A. Stokes has a passion for thoughtful research designs and embraces the challenge of finding the right combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to answer any question. As a Lead UX Research Consultant at UserZoom he develops strategic UX Research programs to help UserZoom customers maximize the quality and impact of their insights, make better digital experiences, and achieve their business goals.

Leslie Carter, Ph.D.
Lead Research Partner at UserZoom
Leslie Carter, Ph.D. has a wide variety of experience in user-centered design and research in B2B & B2C organizations, plus extensive training in human cognition and performance. For over 25 years she’s helped stakeholders optimize operations and customer experience, while discovering business opportunities, and minimizing risks. As a Lead Research Partner at UserZoom, her goal is to ensure her customers gain actionable insights without compromising on the validity of their research.

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