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At our BetterUX virtual event on December 7th, UX Research and Insights leaders, who successfully proving the value of UX, discussed how to assess and then lead improvements to the UX Research practice, through the following:

Proving the incredible value of UX:

      • Getting stakeholder buy-in
      • Building trust and relationships
      • Best methods of obtaining input

Impact of the current economic climate on UX:

        • Navigating the current climate
        • Investing in digital UX mitigates risk
        • Why you should double-down on UX insights to drive ROI
        • Importance of an exceptional user experience, now more than ever

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We are pleased to announce our BetterUX Summit presenters below:

Progressive Insurance, Senior User Experience Consultant

Kreatechange, Managing Consultant & Founder

UserZoom, VP UX Research Services