Ensuring quality research in the age of democratization

A UserZoom Masterclass


As more UX teams scale and democratize their research practice to meet the growing demand for user insights, how can we ensure non-researchers and researchers alike are producing high-quality research?

Watch Grace Wolff, Ph.D., UX Research Partner, and Toni Allen, Director of UX Research Partners, for a discussion on research quality and a demo of UserZoom’s study templates. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What quality research entails
  • How to assess research quality 
  • How to avoid decisions based on poor research design and data
  • Strategies and best practices to conduct quality research


Grace Wolff, Ph.D.
UX Research Partner at UserZoom
Grace Wolff, Ph.D. has extensive research experience examining user attitudes and behaviors in digital environments. She is a mixed-methods UX researcher with formal applied training in quantitative social science and qualitative UX methodologies. She advocates for intentional research design and works with companies across Finance, Media, and Tech industries to up-level their research teams’ understanding, execution, and quality of insights across all stages of research to better inform business decisions and improve users’ digital experiences.

Toni Allen
Director of UX Research Partners at UserZoom
Toni Allen has over two decades of experience in UX research, product, and technology. As a Director of Research Partners at UserZoom, she consults globally recognized brands across industries to uncover UX insights using multiple methods to build and mature their research practices. She is a trusted advisor for both new and long-time UserZoom customers and has created acclaimed UserZoom onboarding programs. She regularly provides guidance around maintaining quality of research for organizations that choose a democratization strategy to drive more user research across the product development lifecycle.

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