How to Scale Your UX Research

Let’s face it, your UX department doesn’t always get a fat budget. Moreover, agile methodologies and lean UX development practices often come with tight deadlines. Yet, as user experience becomes more important, UX and usability professionals are under pressure to conduct more research with fewer resources. How can they optimize their work, be efficient, and still deliver quality results?

In this exclusive webinar, Deborah Torres, Sr. User Experience Researcher at Paypal, and UserZoom’s co-CEO, Alfonso de la Nuez, discuss how you can scale back the time and resources it takes to do user research, while still providing valuable results.

This webinar covers:

  • Current challenges for UX Researchers & Designers
  • Survey results: Cost of running in-person vs remote unmoderated user research
  • Case Studies: How UX research is done at Paypal
    a) Deliver research projects across the globe
    b) Emphasis on triangulation using multiple research methods
    c) Maximum efficiency (quick turnaround, on-budget, small team)

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Meet Your Speaker: 

Deborah Zabala TorresUser Experience Researcher & Ops Manager

Deborah is a UX professional with 10+ years in user research focused on web experience and e-commerce. She currently manages PayPal Touchpoint Net Promoter Score (NPS) program, which tracks experience metrics across 40+ key customer touch points for 10 global markets.