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As a UX professional, your work is often cross-functional and serves multiple stakeholders with different needs.

So, how do you make a compelling, action-oriented deliverable and what format should it take?

Watch Sara Logel, Lead UX Research Partner, and Moriah Galvan, Lead UX Researcher, for a 45 minute discussion on how to effectively turn findings into insights, and insights into action. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Determine the right deliverable for your content (hint: it’s not always a deck!)
  • Turn findings into insights
  • Create an engaging narrative
  • Best practices for a report and presentation deck

Featured Presenters

Sara Logel

Lead UX Research Partner at UserZoom

Sara has executed hundreds of market research projects ranging from large strategic initiatives to agile, quick wins, and then transitioned these skills to user research. She has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies and, at UserZoom, has helped customers both in the US and EMEA across a variety of industries.
Moriah Galvan

Lead UX Researcher at UserZoom

Moriah has almost a decade of industry experience spanning non-profit, market and user experience research. She’s executed and managed hundreds of research projects.