Google: UX maturity, measurement and business impact

An exclusive State of UX on-demand webinar

In this 'fireside chat', Julie Schiller discusses Google’s path to UX maturity and how they currently measure impact on business KPIs.

During the conversation, Julie offers invaluable insight on:

  • The characteristics of a mature UX research program
  • How UX drives desired business metrics
  • Transitioning from moderated to unmoderated UX research
  • Highlights low-effort/high-impact UX actions everyone should take right now

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Guest speaker
Julie Schiller, UX Research Manager, Google

Julie Schiller is a user researcher who has led and contributed to teams in both software and human factors. She has two masters degrees, one in HCI and one in Industrial Engineering. Julie has worked at organizations such as Facebook, Ford, and the British Broadcasting Company.

Twitter: @uxjulie

Matt Paulus, VP Strategic Accounts, UserZoom

With almost 20 years in research, Matt combines his background in quantitative research with his experience & passion for leading teams that support UserZoom’s valued strategic partnerships.

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