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How to Run Research in Agile Sprints

As more organizations adopt Agile the traditional means of running user research simply can’t keep up. Quarterly or even monthly lab sessions can’t be wedged into two-week design sprints, and even if they could, there are not enough researchers on the planet to run them. Unfortunately, all too often this means a step backward when it comes to UCD as Agile teams fallback on hunches to drive their design decisions.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way!  

Many digital teams have successfully adapted to embedding testing within design sprints, reducing the risk of launching digital products with a poor UX - like News UK (publisher of The Times and The Sun). 

 In this webinar, discover how News UK & others have: 

  • Built the case for running regular research, bringing other parts of the organization onboard
  • Democratized testing so that not only researchers, but designers, copywriters, and even product owners, can run studies
  • Successfully carried out UX research within two-week sprints

This webinar is for anyone working in Agile (or thinking about it) and ultimately, for anyone who cares about delivering user-centered digital experiences to their customers.

Webinar Speakers 

Lee Duddell - UX Director 
Lee's been working in remote research for longer than most (as far back as 2008 AD when he founded WhatUsersDo). Lee is passionate about putting UX insight at the heart of decisions, so it's just as well his focus at UserZoom is to help brands become customer-focused by making research BAU.


Claire Dracott - Deputy Head of UX
Claire is Deputy Head of UX for News UK, working on some of the UK’s largest media publications such as The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times. She manages a large team of UX designers who focus on optimizing the news reading experience and has experience in how to best set up a team from scratch and in helping UX find a voice in a large corporate organization.


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